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Physician NonClinical Careers with John Jurica

Mar 23, 2021

In this week’s interview, Dr. Jonathan Vitale explains how he found his remote nonclinical career in utilization management.

Dr. Vitale is a board-certified Family Physician, certified counselor, and Physician Transition Coach. He transitioned from a traditional clinical career to a full-time remote career in Utilization Management.

He has extensive experience in clinical medicine, telemedicine, medical media, physician consulting, the business of medicine, and executive leadership.

Jonathan is the founder of Remote Careers for Physicians Facebook Group with over 8,000 physician members. He has helped dozens of physicians transition into utilization management, telemedicine, expert witnessing, insurance work, pharma, executive leadership, consulting, medical education, medical writing, and medical media.

His work focuses on the psychological, logistical, financial, professional, and personal aspects of physician career transition.

With the growing demand for career coaching for physicians, I have noticed a new trend. And I think it is a good one: physician coaches who specialize in a career niche. I’ve interviewed three coaches who specialize in the pharma and medical device industry. And now we have been introduced to Jonathan Vitale who focuses on UM careers.

I think that they can all coach in areas outside of their niche, but if you’re committed to quickly finding a utilization management job, a coach like Jonathan is the way to go.

As we noted during the interview, you can find him at and in the Remote Careers for Physicians Facebook Group.

And if you’d like to hear Jonathan’s musical side, go to TheRealDrJonathan on Instagram. There he displays his talents as a pianist and singer.

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