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Physician NonClinical Careers with John Jurica

May 4, 2021

In today’s interview, I’m talking with the Head of Growth at Gentem about branding and marketing. Gentem is a Billing and Revenue Cycle Management Company that uses AI to eliminate medical billing headaches for independent medical practices.

Omar Khateeb is a former medical student who left to become a sales, marketing, and branding expert. After several years honing his skills, he joined Gentem as its Head of Growth.

Omar has been involved with the branding and marketing of healthcare companies since leaving medical school in 2012. He is also an entrepreneur, and one of the few people I know that completed Seth Godin’s altMBA program.

Omar is not a physician, but he definitely thinks like a physician in many ways and has been around physicians a lot. The CEO who founded Gentem is a physician. And so is Omar's father. 

I think it is becoming evident today that the small practice owner can compete with the big systems. But it takes a working knowledge of business principles, including marketing skills. I enjoyed getting some of those issues clarified by Omar.

It’s also encouraging that his company, Gentem, provides services to enhance billing and collections for the practice owners. Physicians in this situation need to take advantage of the latest technology to maintain their competitive advantage.

If you’re in that situation, you should check out Gentem. When I was looking over the site I saw that they were offering an assessment and the first month of services for free. It’s worth taking a look especially if you are paying more than 6% of claims for your billing services.

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