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Physician NonClinical Careers with John Jurica

Jul 10, 2019

In this week's episode, I'll be talking about three of the dumb mistakes I made while building an online business.

I'm focused on an online business that provides coaching, consulting, teaching, publishing, or speaking, and is supported by a platform such as a blog, podcast or video channel.

Here are a few examples of such physician-run businesses:

  • David Geier has created an online business serving those with sports injuries and other orthopedic problems while still running a busy practice. In fact, his side hustle helps promote and support his practice. He was featured in Episode 049.
  • Larry Earl founded UrgentCareMentor to help physicians manage the business side of urgent care and occupational medicine services. He was featured in a this blog post,
  • NegotiationMD, run by Robert Felberg, helps physicians negotiate better employment contracts.
  • Katrina Ubell runs Weight Loss for Busy Physicians, a coaching service for women physicians that uses online video courses as part of her services, and a podcast to suppport it. She was featured in Episode 035.
  • Rebecca Kempton provides consultation services to parents of children with sleep problems at Baby Sleep Pro.
  • Rupy Aujla, based in the UK, writes, podcasts, speaks and sells an online course about health and diet at The Doctor's Kitchen. He has also published 2 books.
  • Jason Ryan founded Boards and Beyond to prepare medical students for the USMLE Step 1 exam. He still practices and teaches cardiology. He is featured in Episode 81.
  • Most of us are familiar with the White Coat Investor, who started as a blog and a book, and related financial sites like Passive Income MD and the Physician Philosopher.


Here they are (I provide much more detail in the show, of course):

  1. Not basing the selection of my business niche on my expertise and passion, and my customers' needs and ability to pay for my solution.
  2. Not working aggressively on building my email list from the beginning.
  3. Not networking and collaborating sooner.

You can find a more detailed explanation about my dumb mistakes, and download a copy of the show notes at

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