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Physician NonClinical Careers with John Jurica

Jan 11, 2022

Today we meet a hospitalist who transitioned to work as a remote physician advisor.

Dr. Robert Craven completed his medical degree at The University of Tennessee Health Science Center and his Internal Medicine Residency at Carolinas Healthcare System.

He worked as a hospitalist for nine years. He was offered a position as a physician advisor for utilization management unexpectedly at a previous employer. He took the job and has completed a year of full-time work in that position for a large hospital system, mostly working remotely.

Today he tells us what his job entails, why he likes what he is doing, and how you can land a similar position.

Rob explained the details of his job as a physician advisor. It is somewhat unique in that he is working remotely for a large system, with occasional opportunities to go on-site if needed.

The job is more flexible than a full-time hospitalist position, and it allows him to spend more time with his family. It is intellectually stimulating. And it provides value to his employer, its physicians, and patients.

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