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Physician NonClinical Careers with John Jurica

Feb 2, 2021

Sam Lippolis is a coach and consultant who teaches professionals and organizations how to leverage telemedicine.

Sam teaches physicians, other clinicians, and organizations how to plan, implement and grow telehealth. She has been implementing telehealth programs full time for 11 years.

Her specialty is finding the path of least resistance to start a telemedicine service. And providing the expertise to get a telemedicine program off the ground.

During our interview, Sam opened up a whole new way for me to look at telemedicine. It’s not just a part- or full-time alternative to conventional face-to-face medical practice. It’s a great way to expand your practice and bring back the patients you’ve lost during the pandemic.

It’s really just a different, and often more efficient, way to provide clinical care that should be integrated into MOST clinical practices.

Sam has a very useful free Telehealth Tip Sheet to get you started. You can get that by going directly to

You can find her website at You can connect with her on LinkedIn and email her at

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