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Physician NonClinical Careers with John Jurica

May 18, 2021

Today I would like to ask a favor of you.

This is episode 196, which means that we are rapidly approaching EPISODE 200. I can’t believe it. 

I want to do something special for my 200th episode. I’d like to find out what, if any, impact this podcast has had on YOU. So, here is what I would like to do (but it depends on YOU to help me out).

I’d love to hear how the podcast has positively impacted you in some way. Even in some SMALL way.

Maybe you found a coach or updated your resume, or decided to start your own business. Or maybe you just felt inspired by a guest who reminded YOU of YOU.

This is what I want you to do:

Think about the answers to these 2 questions:

  1. What inspired or helped you – a topic, a guest’s story or advice, maybe even a product or service you heard about on the podcast?
  2. What was the upshot of that inspiration, information, or advice? What action did you take and what was the positive RESULT, if any?

Then go to and record your comments in a 2-to-4-minute voice message.

And it’s OPTIONAL, but you can give your name if you like; and if you have a website to promote, mention it too.

You can listen and re-record the message as many times as you like before sending it, so don’t worry about recording the perfect message the first time.

Dr. Harvey Castro is an emergency room physician and healthcare leader who thrives on motivating teams by providing the most technologically advanced healthcare services to communities throughout the state of Texas. 

He believes in building sincere trust with patients, doctors, staff, and community leaders by displaying compassion, care, and understanding.

He graduated from the University of Texas Medical School at Galveston. He then completed his Emergency Medicine Residency at St. Luke’s University Health Network in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. He has been practicing EM for about 16 years.

Along the way, he completed his MBA and took on leadership and business roles, first as medical director, then as a smartphone medical app developer, and later as a freestanding emergency room founder and CEO. That business has now grown into a network of freestanding ERs and other healthcare facilities.

He started Trusted Medical Group and Trusted Medical Centers where he serves as CEO. The company has opened several freestanding emergency medical facilities and is now offering a franchise for other investors to replicate what he has done.

During our interview, Harvey describes his philosophy for following your passion and why he believes in lifelong learning. He recently completed his executive MBA through the University of Tennessee Haslam School of Business.

Other topics discussed in this episode include:

  • How Harvey nurtured his management and leadership skills;
  • How to advance within an organization;
  • Why he decided to complete his MBA;
  • Advice for physicians who want to take on new projects.

You can find links to everything mentioned in today's episode at

And please go to and tell us about something on the podcast that has inspired or helped you, and the positive impact it had. Add a shout-out to a particular guest, if you like. And optionally, include your name and mention your website, if you have one.

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