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Physician NonClinical Careers with John Jurica

Sep 4, 2018

Dr. Savi Chadha is regional medical manager and medical science liaison with Tardis Medical Consultancy. He received his BA in marketing from Loyola University, MPH from Benedictine University, and MD from St. James School of Medicine. Savi is a member of the Medical Science Liaison Society and a SEAK alumnus.

I really enjoyed my discussion with Savi Chadha. It was so interesting to hear about his career as a Medical Science Liaison, or MSL.

Here are some of the things I learned:

  • While his MPH may have helped Savi get his first job, he said it is not a requirement.
  • If you’d like to pursue a job as an MSL, Savi recommends that you start by speaking with any pharma sales rep that you know, and use their contacts to meet MSLs at their home companies.
  • Going to the national pharmaceutical meetings is another way to learn about MSL jobs.
  • There are 2 associations to look into: The Medical Affairs Professional Society and the Medical Science Liaison Society.
  • Savi recommends a book called The Medical Science Liaison Career Guide: How to Break Into Your First Role by Samuel Jacob Dyer.
  • Work as an MSL is one of the few nonclinical careers that does NOT require residency and board certification.
  • An MSL position is fairly location-independent, but it may require significant travel depending on the size of the territory covered.

This is the first of 2 interviews with a medical science liaison. I will post the second one in a week or two.
Show notes can be found at You can also download a transcript by going to the show notes.

I’m probably going to post a solo episode next week, in which I describe the kind of experience and skills health systems and medical groups are looking for in a chief medical officer, or CMO. 

So, don’t miss it if you have any interest in hospital management.