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Physician NonClinical Careers with John Jurica

Dec 29, 2020

For today’s interview, I have the pleasure of speaking with a fellow podcaster, and one of our Mentors on the Clinicians Career Cooperative.

We’ll be discussing money issues, personal finance, coaching, podcasting, balancing a clinical and nonclinical job, and more.

Today’s guest is the multitalented gastroenterologist Brent Lacey.  Dr. Lacey is passionate about his patients, and about helping physicians succeed with business and personal finances. 

As a physician, he understands how overwhelming it can be to step out of clinical training and into a career. And he has seen firsthand the huge educational gap that exists in running a practice and managing money. 

He has coached hundreds of families to eliminate debt. And he has spoken to physician groups around the country on topics related to business and personal finance. That's why he founded The Scope of Practice website, blog and podcast.  

I found it enlightening to hear how Brent grew his coaching business. It seems there is an endless need for teaching professionals how to get a handle on their finances, run a better practice, and make time to devote to family.

Brent is active on every big social media site: @businesscoachmd on Twitter, and @thescopeofpractice on Instagram. The easiest way to find his Facebook Group is to use this link:

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