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Physician NonClinical Careers with John Jurica

Feb 28, 2023

Eleanor Tanno, MD is a Family Physician, Speaker, and Advance Directive Consultant. She completed her medical degree at the U. of Maryland School of Medicine, and her Family Medicine Residency at the Virginia Commonwealth University.

She is a full-time primary care family physician and partner in her private practice. She started her side venture, Advance Directive MD, to help people create meaningful advance directives. She does this by providing Workshops, Webinars, Public Speaking Events, and Medical Lectures.

This interest developed after meeting many families in the ICU who had never had end-of-life conversations with their family members. And she discovered that most patients who completed advance directives were being shown how to do so by attorneys. However, attorneys and their staffs were not in the best position to explain the options from a medical perspective. So, Dr. Tanno created a business to educate the public about advance directives, and teach individual clients how to properly describe their wishes in these critical documents.

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