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Physician NonClinical Careers with John Jurica

Aug 29, 2023

In this week’s episode, John interviews Dr. Savi Chadha. Dr. Chadha is an experienced MSL who was first interviewed in Episode Number 50 in 2018. Savi started as an MSL in 2016 with Amplity Health. He then joined Supernus Pharmaceuticals in 2017, and has been there since. He now holds the Senior Regional Medical Manager & Medical Science Liaison position.

He has twice been nominated for MSL of the Year by the MSL Society and is board-certified by the Medical Science Liaison Society. He is also on faculty with SEAK, an organization dedicated to assisting physicians in seeking and obtaining nonclinical careers. 

During our interview, Savi describes his career as an MSL, and why he pursued board certification through the Society. Finally, he advises listeners about pursuing a nonclinical career, becoming an MSL, and taking on new roles when working for a pharma company.

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