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Physician NonClinical Careers with John Jurica

Oct 26, 2021

Today I thought I would discuss another topic related to the pursuit of a hospital management job.

I read an article on KevinMD by Patty Fahy, MD recently that talked about BSM (Business School Mindset).

The author gave examples of the BSM mindset:

"...graduates are assured that an MBA degree has prepared them to manage in any industry: a tattoo parlor, a government entity, or a hospital system.

"Managers are an elite caste, separate from those who are managed, monitored, and controlled.

"Efficiencies gained by controlling the behavior of professionals and other workers garner financial rewards...

"The principle that... an action is rational only if it maximizes self-interest..."

I don't know that all hospitals are managed in this way all of the time. But, when I was Chief Medical Officer, there were definitely times when I could feel the BSM "vibe" coming through... even though I worked at a non-profit hospital.

Which leads me to believe that Business School Mindset leads to a different kind of BSM...

     Bulls**t Medicine.

(You know, the approach that doesn’t recognize the physician-patient relationship, or that puts quality, safety, and dignity after the bottom line.)

So, please consider a career in hospital management, because it's intellectually stimulating, pays well, and is the only way we’re going to steer this industry in a new direction.

During the rest of this episode, I describe factors to consider when thinking of becoming a Certified Physician Executive.

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