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Physician NonClinical Careers with John Jurica

May 17, 2022

In 2014, Dr. Abeyna Bubbers-Jones was an NHS Urology Specialist Trainee working in Blackburn (in northern England). Having graduated from medicine at the age of 22 at Nottingham, she worked for several years as a surgical trainee in the NHS. But she was yearning for something more.

She moved to South Africa and worked as a trauma surgeon for nearly 2 years, revitalizing her love of medicine and realizing that a new challenge had helped her to gain the real satisfaction she needed to develop as a professional and individual.

She returned to the UK where she noticed that many doctors were experiencing similar issues she had faced. They were stressed and burned out, feeling doubtful about their careers with low self-worth, and considering leaving the profession.

That led Abeyna to create Medic Footprints with her school friend Sara Sabin. It was designed as a community and network for doctors exploring alternative careers and support.

Medic Footprints now helps doctors around the world overcome burnout and learn how to apply their passion and expertise in new ways. 

In this week's interview, Dr. Bubbers-Jones tells her story and describes the satisfaction she experiences helping her colleagues. 

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