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Physician NonClinical Careers with John Jurica

Dec 27, 2022

The week between Christmas and New Year’s Eve is generally pretty slow. So, rather than bringing an interview or an intense career-related topic, we address the following question:

How do I encourage my guests to leave at the end of a dinner party?

In a fun and humorous way, John provides a top ten list, in reverse...

Dec 20, 2022

Today's guest first appeared on the podcast in Episode 35. She returns now to describe how her business has grown and to discuss her new book.

Life and weight coach Dr. Katrina Ubell is a pediatrician and master-certified life and weight loss coach. She established her weight loss program in 2016 and has assisted more...

Dec 13, 2022

Working remotely has become all the rage, with its potential advantages of adding flexibility and autonomy to our lives, avoiding office politics, and practical savings in fuel and automobile maintenance costs.

But there are some real downsides that can occur. Today’s guest is Frieda Wiley, Pharm. D., who worked as a...

Dec 6, 2022

This week's episode presents Part 2 of an excerpt from my course How to Secure a Career as a Medical Science Liaison.

Together, these 2 episodes provide you with a good understanding of what an MSL does and how to pursue your first job as an MSL.

The material presented over these two weeks, while dense with information,...

Nov 29, 2022

The Medical Science Liaison (MSL) in the pharmaceutical industry is a popular position for physicians who wish to leave clinical practice. This is true because it is possible to qualify for the job regardless of the extent of training (i.e., whether residency-trained or board certified, or not) or specialty; it does not...